Saturday 11th April

A slightly longer day, about 13 and a half miles from Gt. Barford to Offord Cluny, in the rain, with a wild campsite and the evening social. A long walk to the toilets.

Gt. Barford, in the rain Breakfast Happy Campers Launch pad, very slippy and crowded
Down the river Peaceful but wet. Roxton Lock With a very runnable weir.
St. Neots campsite, but not for us Approching St. Neots Cricket match Heading for Offord Cluny, very flat countryside now
Offord Cluny, camping by the river. Various ways of drying out Pirate ship! Using a tarp to stay dry.
Tea time Our national Committee Favourite pastime, eating. Lester waving paper and talking at the same time.


Donated Photographs