Day Two

The day started very brightly and we soon made headway down stream, though there was no current to speak of. We now headed for Bellanaleck. The Lough now begins to open up and you have to navigate between various island, most with cows on. We started to see more boats now, but less than a handful.

We passed a weather beaten sign stating we were now in Northern Island, though it did not make much difference. In the distance we saw a long low bridge and stopped on the right hand side were there were public conveniences and a small picnic area. Between the start and the end of both Loughs, there are only three crossing points for cars.

The Lough starts to really widen out here and you have to navigate between more islands. You are allowed to camp on some and there are plenty of jetties if you want a rest. We kept to the East or right shore looking to camp at Carrybridge. Here there is a restaurant and bar and you camp in the car park. The free map from CANI was invaluable in giving out details of where to stop and expected facilities.

However, we pushed onto Bellanaleck where we camped in the children's playground, though we could have camped in the car park. Free hot showers and toliets, short walk to a very busy, but disappointing chip shop and a short walk by the river to a marina with better food and drinks.

Early morning at Derryvale First cruiser of the day The border, no Customs & Excise The bridge
A "gap" between two islands Onto an island for lunch A giant canoe CarryBridge, possible camping
Cow transporter for the Islands Make shift sail, before the wind destroyed it! Bellanaleck

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