Byfleet to Send on the River Wey, Surrey


This is on the upper river Wey, involving use of the canal and the original river for a bit of interest. Part of this route overlaps the previous river Wey route and the two could be combined for a long day out. We did this run with the Canoecamping club of GB and start in bright sunshine, finishing in a hail and snowstorm.

Start at Byfleet boat club which is under the A245 at TQ 055611. Short portage here and start directly under the A245. Two and a half kilometres takes you Pyrford lock for a short break. Shortly after this is where you can cut across left to the river Wey.

Another one and half kilometres to the next lock, Newark, where one can see the remains of Newark Abbey.

Paddling on up the river, you then portage Papercourt Lock and on on reaching Send, the last portage upstream, or we ran the lock which had a very small height difference, and unusual hand operated paddles, not the usual crank operated ones. Turn immediately right onto the old river Wey.

After a short distance, reach a weir on the right, portage on the left. This is now a portage of about 300 metres round the old Unwin publishing building, which unfortunately is in the process of being knocked down, but you now regain the river Wey which has a nice curent on it, and have a delightful twisting journey round the edge of Old Woking until you rejoin the canal again. We saw the infamous flocks of parakeets which now reside in the area.

This leaves you with two portages back to the start point. Total run distance is about 10 - 12 miles.

Byfleet Boat Club
Under the A245
Large boathouse
Pyrford lock and The Anchor
Newark Abbey
Above the lock
Detailed map of the area
Cart Bridge
Pit Stop at Cart Bridge
Hand operated paddles
And going through the lock
Down the river
The long portage, wheels needed
Or try to paddle your way across
The old publishing building.
On the river Wey
Remains of an old palace
Another large boat house
Descending Pyrford lock
Our campsite at Walton