Day Three and a short Four

Leaving Bellanaleck we now had a strong wind behind us, which unfortunately increased in strength throughout the day until it reached almost gale force. We surfed along using a golfing umbrella until after blowing inside out several times, it suffered from total failure in the ribbing department. We saw several interesting ancient monuments and large houses on the way until we reached Enniskillen were we had a brief break.

Now we were heading for Lower Lough Erne proper and besides navigating through the islands, the Lough got wider and wider. The wind now changed direction and we were paddling across the quite large waves which were coming down the Lough. Some shelter could be gained by going round the leeward sides of some of the islands, but it was a brief respite and we were paddling quite hard.

Then we started to have water coming over the side of the canoe, which was quite low in the water due to campign gear etc., so we decided at one point to go with the waves and head for land, discretion being the better part of valour as they say. We surfed into an island we found out was called Horse Island, (we had lost our map when a strong gust of wind blew it out of our canoe and we could not find it).

We waited on the island for the wind to die down, but ended camping on the island for the night, which was not a problem. the wind got stronger throughout the night, but a 6 in the morning it seemed to stop, so we set off early, thinking two more days and we would complete the entire length of the two Loughs and finish at Beleek.

The wind started again and became really strong (we later found out it reached gale force 7) After a hard time, we stopped at a car park in a place called Rossigh, where we could have camped, but as there was no let up in the wind, we called it a day and went off elsewhere.

A brilliant canoe trip, we were just unlucky with the weather. We want to return and do it again in the near future


Leaving Bellanaleck Stone circle seen from the river. Some islands were private Old railway bridge
Enniskillen castle Old and new bridges in Enniskillen "Clock" seen from the river

The lock, with no height differnce due

to high levels of water

Horse Island looking up the lough Waves on the shore Island campsite, very comfey Our finish at Rossigh