River Ivel, Langford to Tempsford

This is a nice run of about 11 miles, very unspoilt and along a very old navigation, the Gt. Ouse to Shefford Canal, best done on a Saturday and out of the fishing season. there are six portages and lots of nettles! The start point is by the garden centre at the southern end of Langford. Biggleswade is a good halfway point for lunch and a two minute walk into the town centre for shops. the finish is on the GT Ouse at the Anchor pub in Tempsford on the A1.

Start by the garden centre, please ask to use the car park temporarily and then park across the road. On the river going past all the back gardens, nearly al having a boat or canoe of some descripiton. After one mile apporach the mill, portage on the left through lots of nettles.
You can get in to the river at several points, probably best to go down to a small bridge, about 100mtrs.
The river is quite broad now, having been joined by the old Shefford canal and river Hit Approaching Jordan's mill. The remains of the old lock, portage on the left. There is a small gift shop with biscuits etc., in Jordan's Milll After the mill, the river has a bit of current and is very tranquil but soon you hear traffic noise This is the first time we come across the A1 trunk road, but it is soon left behind.
Portage on the left in Biggleswade, about 100 mtrs from the bridge, step onto the earth bank, then across the wall This is a good place to stop and have lunch, two minutes from the town and often lots of children fishing from the bank. Fantstic Gunnera in a back garden. Quite a long run now to Sandy and lots of twists and turns. Reeds at the riverside, there is quite a bit of flow on this part of the river, but portage at the first weir on the left
Skirting the south side of Sandy, we go under the A1 again. Nearing Blunham, there is an obvious weir, but unmarked. Best to portage on the left, very boggy on the righ. Going underneath the old Bdeford to Sandy railway line, now an excellent bicycle route The small weir in Blunham, very shootable in kayaks or Canadians for those who dare!
Ater Blunham, when you see a house on the river, take the right hand branch or you will end up in the back garden of the house. This is the last weir looking back, portage on the left, for about 60mtrs. Nearing the end, still a great river and very peaceful. From the Anchor pub, looking down to the A1 again, but get out here for a drink and meal in the pub.