Upper Ouse, Tyringham to Harold

This is a great 15 mile trip, not to be done anywhere near the fishing season. We did it at the start of June, there were four shortportages, all taken on the right, except we shot the last one at Harold. At Harold, shoot the bridge on the extreme right as you look at it. Two cars are needed, or we left a bicycle chained up at Harold Country Park and cycled back for the car.

Start at Tyringham House, Grade 1 Georgian Listed house, now divided into apartments. Easy get in below the bridge. Very quiet on the river, some little side channels to take, but they can get very overgrown. We saw a Muntjac swimming across the river. First portage at Ravenstone, there is an automatic overspill on the right which gave us a short and easy portage.

We then saw kingfishers, buzzards and herons before getting to Olney, portage on the right again. the sides can be overgrown with nettles. The river goes round in a big loop and heads more north now and it takes a long time to leave Olney behind. Another short portage at Lavendon Mill. None were difficult. There is a pub marked at Newtonblosson, make sure you take the channel on the right to get to it. It can be overgrown at the bottom and you may have to paddle back upstream to get out.

Just before Turvey another weir, on the right and find a way under the bushes. At the road bridge you can land on the left and get out to go to another pub for refreshements.

The last weir above Harold can be shot in the centre, inspect it first though. At the bridge at Harold itself, shoot it on the right and immediatley pull over to the left to get out near the entrance to the country park and car park.

It took us about four and half hours including stops. We saw one other canoeist, the current was reasonable, but best to do it individually and not in a group. One of the best runs we have done.

Tyringham Bridge, start Tyringham House Ravenstone Sluice Easy portage over the overspill
Olney Sluice Olney bridge and church Footbridge near Olney Lavendon Sluice
Newtonblossom footbridge Turvey road bridge Harold sluice showing centre. Harold bridge after landing