Canoeing the Werra and the Weser in Germany

Canoeing in Germany is a different experience compared to canoeing in England. The state owns the rivers and the river banks and positively encourages canoing as a sport for all. Most towns with a river have a canoe club where for a small fee you can camp and have all facilities, such as showers and even shelter to sit in from the rain if necessary. The German Canoe Federation, DKV, produce excellent river guides, showing portages, campsites and other attractions along the rivers. In 2006, my wife and I decided to canoe the Werra and the Weser, from Eisenach to Minden, a distance of 320 km, with easy portages on the first 3 days.

This is an account of that trip.

Day 1. We started at the canoe club at Horschel, near Eisenach. The flow of the river was about 4 kmph and was consistent throughout the trip. We started early to beat the heat and aimed to do 40km per day. For the first two days we saw no one else on the river. We had our first portge after 4 km and arrived at Altenbruschia, a commercial campsite but very small. A very "twee" town.

Days 2 & 3

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