Day 2. Another early start saw us paddling to Witzenhausen, about 50km. This was our first proper canoe club with excellent facilities and only a short walk into the town. We stopped at Allendorf for lunch. Eating out was very reasonably priced, though we carried food as well. People here were very friendly and we obviously met other canoeists. We still had three portages to complete, but all were very easy and short.

Day 3. This took us to Hann-Munden and was a relatively short day. here you join the Weser. We had to portage down the river in the town, then back up to the river Fulda and to the canoe club, against the current. Short but hard work. Another very attractive town. Here we saw some large tourist boats which came down the river from Kassel, home of VW. At some of the portages a trolley is provided to put your boat and gear on, though we used our own wheels. Just before the last portage we stopped at a campsite for breakfast, marked Stella on the map, and the food did not seem to stop comimg. We had a plate with several varieties of salami, cheese, salad, boiled eggs, toast, as well as fresh orange juice and tea or coffee.

Here you can see the spread we had, the town and commercial river traffic. The last photograph was taken from the Tillychanze, a local viewpoint and looking down on the canoe club and campsite. (You might make out our tent in the trees)

Days 4 & 5