Day 4. A short portage back down through the town and we were on our way again. There is a boat shoot here, though not recommended in an open boat. After Hann Munden the river broadens and you now get kilometre posts by the river. At times the river is quite broad, though the current is just as strong. We also came across several ferries here, which use the principle of the ferry glide to cross the river backwards and forwards, using the power of the current only.

The river is now quite broad and you can see the ferry.To angle it across the riaver, the front is pulled in and the back is let out to the necessary angle.Here and there we saw groups of Germans in rubber boats, with a picnic and lots of beer, just drifting down the river and having a good time. We overtook quite a few as we were paddling at about 9 or 10 kmph. Today's destinations was Bad Karlshafen where you can take the "waters" We had to stay on a commercial campsite here and it cost a heady 15 Euros.

We had several days with the temperature in the high 30s, so we decided to have an ice cream! The light house had several flood marks, reaching as high as the wooden framework, and again we started to see more commercial traffic, as well as other canoeists.

Day 5. To a small campsite at Polle, famous for its small castle, legendary home of Cinderella. By now we had a comfortable schedule of leaving at 7.00 a.m. to beat the heat and paddling about 40 + km on the day, stopping somewhere nice for either a late breakfast or an early lunch. Today we stopped at Hoxter. It was amazing how many towns had some sort of water feature or bronze statues in the town centre depicting some character in the town's history

At Polle we saw an interesting form of cycling. In the background to the campsite, you can just make out Cinderella's castle and on our departure we had the first cloud cover of the week, though it did not last long.

Days 6 & 7