Day 6. An interesting day, from Polle to Hamelin or Hameln, via a town called Boden-Werder. It was amazing how we saw 40+ km as being easy. First, Boden-Werder, home of Baron Munchausen.

Here you can see some of the statues found throughout the town. There was a small market there where we had another susbstantial breakfast. In most of these stops, we lifted the canoe out of the water, or tied it to a jetty and were confident in leaving it for an a hour or so.

In the afternoon we arrived at Hamelin, of Pied Piper fame. Again we stopped at the local canoe club on which several canoeists now arrived. We did the tourist trail round the town which involved folloing painted rats on the pavements.

Here you can see the old railway bridge in Hameln, with the canoe club just on the right bank. Walking through Hameln there was obviously a "rodent" theme, though there were some magnificent carvings on the old buildings.

The town centre Rathaus had a set of bells and a clock work version of the Pied Piper story. Here you can see the bells and the poor cripple and blind boy who didn't make it into the cave. It only works twice a day and is worth the effort to go at the right time and see it. You can also see more of the old town and the rodent theme again.

Day 7. Ready to leave in the morning, we were informed the river had risen by a metre at Bad Karlshafen due to thunder storms, though this was not evident in Hameln, though the river might have just run faster. We started by canoeing over to the weir were we used a "bootsgasse". I am not sure if this is the right spelling, but it was certainly entertaining. Instead of portaging round the weir, we pulled on a cord and headed into a narrow V-shaped channel with a set of traffic lights. A small gate dropped down in front of us and there was a surge of currrent down a narrow channel. When the light changed to green, down we went. More exciting than a water chute in a theme park, especially in a canadian canoe laden with gear, but in fact no problem.

We certainly saw more river traffic today, not only commerical boats, but small pleasure motor boats,(some of which were finding it difficult to go against the current), designated water skiing areas and other canoeists. We stopped in Rinteln for lunch, leaving the canoe at the local canoe club and finally landed at a very small campsite on the left bank, just before Vlotho. Opposite was a huge commercial caravan and camping site. There was nowhere to go from here, but the campsite owner had a fine collection of bottled beers to help us out. The strange thing was, as we unloaded the canoe, we found a field mouse in the bottom of the canoe. You can just see it hiding behind the paddle. We felt like the Pied Piper!

Day 8