Day 8. Our final day on the river. Quite broad now and more signs of towns and people, the desitination being Minden. Still a strong current, we were paddling at nearly 10 kmph. This was a short day, so we just paddled the 25 km and had a rest on the river. The first signs of Minden was the the monument to Karl Wilhem Drinkel high on a hill side. Here the river has made a way through a long ridge of hills. We passed the 200km mark on the Weser, a floating water mill and came to the canoe club. There were two clubs her, the canoe club and the TUV club. the extra twenty metres made it worthwhile to get the key to the proper club. In fact we were given the key an left to our own devices. The club has been recently rebuilt and and not quite completed, though showers were excellent. All we had to do now was catch three trains back 330km to the car. No problem. A great canoeing trip, recommend it to anyone.

Here you can see the monument, the 200km mark, the floating mill and the last bit of the river we canoed. Bremen was only about another 5 day paddle, but we were running short of time by now, though it would have been good to finish on the tidal part of the river.

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