River Wey, Surrey

This is about 14 miles, with 6 short portages, taking in a canal and a river journey, in a circle, so no need for a car ferry. Best done out of the fishing season.

Start by parking near the Royal Carribean Cruise offices on the indusrial estate in New Ham. At weekends you may get permission to use the car park.

On the canal, go under the small bridge, named BlackBoy Bridge, past the moored boats. Coxes lock is about 3/4 mile, then another mile to another lock at New Haw. You have to portage over a busy main road.

Now there is a long stretch through some stock broker belt countryside and you go under the M25. Lots of people cycle along the side of the canal, Which goes from the Thames to Godalming.

There is a long run to the lock at Pyford, which states "Opened in 1653 end of the longest man-made section of navigation". There is a pub here, the Anchor, which is a convenient place to have lunch either in the pub, or if sunny, by the lock. It is quite a popular place.

Within a mile of leaving here, you go past a golf course on the left. About 100 yards past Pigeon House Footbridge, you need to get out on the left and look for a small footpath down to the river Wey. In the summer there are a lot of nettles, so beware!

There is a fairly swift current to start with and you seem to spend ages going past the golf course. At one point you go back under the M25 and near the old Brooklands Circuit.

Eventually you can see a fork in the river, the right hand branch goes to a weir, but you turn left and get out near a much smaller weir and protage round that.

After this, canal boats and pleasure cruisers appear tied up to the banks. you are nearing journeys end. At the big green and cream bridge, turn left up a small side stream to a bridge. Get out on the right and a short portage takes you back to the canal. You are very near the centre of Weybridge. It is less than 1/2 mile up the canal back to the start.

Return by going back up the river to the car park. this journey is about 2-3 miles and takes about 1 hour, not including stops.


Start Looking up the Canal 1st Lock Paddling


New Haw Lock M25 Idyllic River Anchor Pub


Pyrford Lock Swan stuck in lock Sea launch, canal to river On the river.


Strange plant Last bridge Portage Last lock, 1/2 mile to go.