5 reasons why we should know how to swim

Science has shown why we should go into the water and swim for its exceptional benefits.

1. Swimming is good for the lungs

When your face is underwater, oxygen is at a high level. Your body will adapt to use oxygen more efficiently. Plus, it will learn to breathe in cleaner air with each breath and release more C02 with each exhale.

A study in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology also found that swimmers have better heart rates than runners. This means they have lower blood pressure and will function better.

2. You will run better

By increasing your ability to absorb and use oxygen efficiently, swimming increases your stamina.

According to the 2013 Journal of Sports Medicine and Science, controlled swimmers improved running performance by 6% after just 12 swimming sessions.

3. Helps reduce stress

Your stress level will decrease when you go into the water to exercise. According to research published in Pain Research & Management, being submerged in water really feels calm and relaxed.

4. You could be smarter

According to a study in the Journal of Physiology, blood flow to the brain increases up to 14% when the body is submerged in water. Researchers believe that the pressure of water on the chest cavity may be related to it, and they are currently investigating whether water exercises improve blood flow to the brain better than the upper exercise. ground or not.

5. Swimming offers a great experience

Swimming is a life skill and it opens many interesting doors. Mastering swimming will help you have a great experience when it comes to participating in better water activities more easily.

Swimming is also a sport that causes little injury to the body, very suitable for people who cannot do some form of intense exercise. You should be able to swim because you may have to use your technique to save people or simply participate in fun with friends and relatives.