Safe swimming experience you should know

Here are some tips for having a safe swimming experience you should know.

Swimming is an extremely beneficial activity for human health and spirit. However, this does not mean that swimming does not pose risks for us. So to have a fun and comfortable swimming season. We need to remember the following experiences.

A new study has been published. Up to 18% of swimmers admit to urinating in the pool water. So this is an unhygienic environment as we often think.

To ensure hygiene for the body before and after swimming. You all need to bathe with antibacterial soap. Absolutely not so until you go home to take a bath.

If you have signs of unhealthy health such as abdominal pain or diarrhea. You should not go swimming because the pool water will make you have a cold stomach, causing bad effects on the body while your resistance is weak.

To avoid bacteria that can be harmful through the mouth. You also should not swallow the tank immediately.

Choose safe swimming pools, so keep away from the pools with the smell of strong lake water because these tanks will have a high risk of unsanitary.

Pay attention to safety at the pool

Accidents such as drowning are not uncommon at swimming pools, so in any case, you have to put your safety first. Choose to swim when you see rescue workers around the pool.

Absolutely do not run and jump quickly on the wall of the pool or other slippery areas around the pool because these are made of hard materials with the potential for danger of being hit.

Swimming pools often have red lines or signs to alert the change in the depth of the water level in the tank so choose the area that suits your swimming capacity to ensure safety.