Places for water sports

Top Africa countries to practice water sports (Part 3)


The main thing is that Mozambique features white sand beaches. In addition, its waters are very clear and to some extent, we can consider them as fresh beaches. More than 2 million tourists visit the country, which borders the Indian Ocean.

Its view of the ocean allows a number of water sports to be developed such as open water swimming, boating, surfing, boating, snorkeling, and water skiing. Because its waters are very quiet, it is an ideal place for these activities.


It is one of the smallest countries that exist in Africa. Its main attraction is the coastal style of all residents. In addition, it has been listed as one of the best destinations for practicing water sports in Africa. It is an ideal destiny for a fairly quiet holiday. It’s called the smiling coast, because one of the most important characteristics of Gambians is the smile.


The people who have had the opportunity to visit Namibia are the ones who talk about the waves of the Namibia coast being the best in Africa. People will have their own perception of what’s best. In particular, it is a country located in southwestern africa.

In this country it is located at the Bone Bay, a protected area that was discovered in 2009 and today has become one of the reference points, primarily for surfers. Which comes from all over the world.


Ghana is not exactly a country that was characterized as a tourism nation. Today, it is a country that has attracted many tourists from all over the world. Although people from European countries are more concentrated, due to the proximity.

Areas of Kokrobite and Black Mamba They are the most visited tourists. Generally the beaches are virgin and ideal not only for surfing, but also for many other outdoor activities like snorkeling, water skiing, diving, boating, among others.


Although, it’s not too hard to believe. Morocco also has the coast given by the Mediterranean Sea, the areas to be visited are Agadir and Taghazout. In them they are great for their clean and clear water. They come from the most economical areas for tourists from neighboring countries.

The practice of flying kites This is one of the most popular in this African region. However, you can also do other things like water skiing, fins swimming, open water swimming, water skiing, boating, rowing, volleyball, among others.

Places for water sports

Top Africa countries to practice water sports (Part 1)

It is a fact that there are more than a dozen sports with different characteristics. However, the water sport they have especially they practice in or on water. The list is not short and I can even say that there are more variations and more students each year.

Water sports have been very popular around the world. The beaches of Australia, Hawaii, the coasts of the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Mexico are the busiest places for this type of activity. Although, water sports players look for the less affluent beaches today.

The water sports in Africa countries

Although all water sports are included, they can be classified in the way they are made. Because obviously swimming is not like sailing. In this case it is necessary to know the classification of water sports.


This refers to the fact that the body is largely and partly submerged in water and for an indefinite period. In this case, specific mention can be made of swimming, which is the most classic one.

Cross water

As the name implies, in this case, the body is not in the water and other equipment is used to perform this sport. The most common examples are surfing, sailing and boating.


The difference from underwater ones, is that in this type of sport, the body is completely submerged in water and uses special equipment that allows breathing. Time may vary.

Can you train your sports underwatch in Africa?

Most athletes and interested in starting to practice water sports have the idea that these can only be done in the most famous beaches, the most beautiful people or the virgins. This is an idea that is out of reality.

Africa has more than a dozen countries with beaches and is suitable for swimming, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, among others. Probably, many beaches I have to mention have never been on your radar. Time to put them there.