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Things to know about kayaking (Part 3)

Is kayaking difficult?

This water sports can be suitable for many different age groups, depending on the difficulty of the water flow. In general, kayaking can be considered a “moderately difficult” level because you need to use the strength of your arms and shoulders to use the paddle and push the boat forward.

Kayaking is less difficult in flat or upstream areas. And it can also be significantly more difficult to paddle on rapids and strong reverse currents. Setting the right paddle rhythm can prevent muscle fatigue during paddling, as well as rest as often as possible to enjoy the scenery.

If you are planning a canoeing and sightseeing in calm waters, you can slowly drift along the river, breathe the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature beckoning. If you are planning on paddling on rapids at a high speed, you may find it a little more difficult.

In short, this is a difficult sport if you have never known what kayaking is. For most water sports lovers, however, kayaking is an entertaining, relaxing and fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

What items and equipment do you need when doing Kayaking?

Kayaking is a sporty activity with quite simple equipment. There are only a few essential items are the must, although other assistive devices may become necessary as the intensity increases. The basic equipment for a kayaking adventure are:

  • Biplane paddles: the choice of a paddle with anti-wind features that pushes your boat forward with ease and is an important tool for a kayaking excursion.
  • Helmets: head protection is essential and important in outdoor activities.
  • Life jackets: when playing water sports you run the risk of falling into the water and wearing a life jacket is a sensible way to keep you afloat. See also how to choose a Kayak boat to learn more about the types of life jackets to use.
  • Waterproof tops and pants: small waves and active paddling can get your clothes wet. The right outfit will keep you dry and comfortable during your kayaking adventure.
  • Goggles: if you’re going to paddle on challenging roads, the use of goggles may be necessary to keep your view of sight.
  • Durable shoes: owning a quality shoe is a must. Even when getting in and out of a kayak, you want a reliable shoe that ensures stability and comfort.
  • Waterproof bag: will keep any valuables dry while you paddle on the water.
Favorite water sports

Things to know about kayaking (Part 1)

Kayaking is a fun sport that uses a kayak to move around the water. Currently, this outdoor activity is very popular in America and Europe.

So you know what kayaking is yet? Let’s find out in this article!

Kayaking is a fun sport that uses a kayak to move across the water, with the help of a two-pointed paddle. Kayaking is different from canoe rowing in the rowing position. The kayak will sit in the cockpit with legs extended below the closed deck, the upper body can freely operate. Kayaking is often more of a leisure activity than a competitive one.

A kayak is a small and thin boat and can only accommodate 1-2 people per boat. To be able to play Kayak with your family you need to choose 1 boat with 3 or 2 boats. In some localities, a kayak can also be viewed as a canoe. However, the kayak is primarily considered a sports equipment, as its primary use is often in sports and water races.

Currently, there are quite a few different types on the market and their designs will vary based on usage. The most popular types of kayaks today are – kayaks for surfing, fishing, and leisure kayaking and kayaking for use at sea rowing games.

When playing Kaya rowing in the coldest season is in the North, you should pay attention to wearing warm enough, equipped with necessary equipment but need to ensure comfort when paddling.

The origin of kayaking

The first kayak was created by the Inuit. They are made from wood and covered with a seal leather exterior. Kayaks were originally mainly used for hunting seals and whales and there is only a small space in the middle where you can sit, with storage space in front and behind you. Kayaks have at least over 4000 years of history. Later, the kayaks used cloth to cover the outside until we invented fiberglass. The word “kayak” means a human boat or poetic boat.

What are today’s kayaks made of? In the 1980s the first plastic kayak was produced and they decided to use plastic ever since. As a result, later kayak designs started to become lighter and more flexible.

The sizes of kayaks are usually small, and they are made in different shapes and sizes to suit different sailing sports. In recent times, kayaking has become more and more popular as a recreational sport, especially river kayaking and fishing is becoming more and more popular.