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Chinese swimming superstar banned for 8 years is still recruiting

Sun Yang was banned from playing for up to 8 years, so what are you doing on the Chinese swimming team?

According to Chinese media, Sun Yang – being suspended for 8 years because of a doping scandal – is one of the athletes who have been summoned by the Chinese Swimming Federation (CSA) to attend a national training course from April 1st to June 30th.

On February 28, the fisherman won three Olympic gold medals for China – Sun Yang received an 8-year ban on the competition for doping, a ruling of the Sports Court (CAS). Having received a heavy sentence, as if the 28-year-old fisherman’s career was over, he sent his appeal to the Swiss Federal Court.

The trial scheduled to take place on March 19 has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, also during this time in China there was rumors that Sun Yang was still being summoned to the team.

There is a document from the Swimming Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, China, addressed to the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Department, including the name Sun for a three-month training session in Zhejiang province, Beijing Youth Daily newspaper is the unit giving this information.

After hearing the news, the International Court of Arbitration, issued a statement on April 23: “Sun Yang is still banned from playing after the CAS decision, even if he is during the appeal process”.

With CAS’s announcement, it was against the law to summon Sun Yang back to the national team, and of course with this training, this fisherman could not compete in any tournament.

According to CCTV (China), Sun Yang is still very determined, after receiving the news at the end of February, the 28-year-old fisherman took a few days off before going to practice as usual. “Although the ability to appeal successfully is very small, but Sun still does not give up, he wants to have the best preparation if he plays again”, CCTV reporter shared.