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Can underwater pole dancing become an Olympic sport?

In recent years, underwater pole dance was born, developed and popularized in many countries around the world.

More and more swimmers are coming to this new game. But is underwater pole dancing a recommendation to be an Olympic sport like pole dancing?

Speaking of Pole dance, many people often default to a performance associated with bar dancers, but little knows that it is also a sport that requires hard work.

The underwater pole dance is a mix of synchronized swimming and pole dancing.

The performer will use a stake that is plugged in the water to perform his movements. Because it is performed in water, it requires both physical strength and breathing techniques. Those are two of the minimum requirements before the performer wants to think about more difficult positions and movements.

At first glance, underwater pole dance is similar to traditional pole dance with acrobatics, dance is performed around the pole. Just another thing, gravity is reduced when underwater, allowing the operator to hold the position for longer than on land. However, that is not the case.

Monica Spagnuolo, founder of Acquapole, which provides equipment and underwater pole dancing courses in Turin (Italy), affirms that underwater pole dancing is not as simple as it seems, is a variation of attractive dance. man in the bar. Ms. Spagnuolo said that this is a new sport that is being popularized by all ages, in many parts of the world.

Together with water sports coach Stefania Manfredi, Spagnuolo has developed more than 150 separate exercises for underwater pole dancing based on buoyancy and human stamina. This method focuses on each position in a complete exercise for the body and can be adjusted to different levels of exercise. But most importantly, it requires the physical and technique of holding toxic breath. unique, especially in difficult poses.

Through the development of YouTube channels and social networks, Stefania Manfredi and Spagnuolo’s exercises have been widely disseminated for nearly a decade. There is an opinion that with such pervasiveness, can underwater pole dancing become an Olympic sport?

In the history of formation and development, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) always aims to improve and innovate to suit the development of sports among the masses. Over the years, many sports have been added to Olympic programs. At the upcoming 2020 Olympics, sport climbing, skateboarding and windsurfing have been added. Breakdance, a sport that is currently popular with young people, is also campaigning to debut at the 2024 Olympics in Paris (France).

With that open-minded policy, opportunities seem open to underwater pole dancing. However, success is not guaranteed and will have to go a long way if you want to. The IOC has mandatory requirements so that new subjects can become officially competitive at the Olympics.

First, the sport must have a governing body responsible for promoting it on the international stage. Once popularity has been recorded, the IOC Competition Content Committee will discuss a lot at the sessions to discuss whether to supplement the discipline or not. Then comes the voting process at the IOC session.

In 2017, pole dance was recognized by the International Federation of Sports Federation (GAISF) as a sport, like an ‘observer’, and it paved the way for Olympic participation. But so far pole dance has not been played at Olympic shows, the stage is often reserved for newly introduced subjects that want to become medal competitions at the Olympics.