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How to play water polo and this sport requirements (Part 2)

The basic way of throwing water balloons

To be able to master how to throw water balloons, please follow the following steps we will guide.

How to balance on the water

To play well in water polo, the player must know how to balance the body on the water. Only when you do this can you perform other movements. Balance is divided into two main types:

  • Balancing horizontally: Pressure is applied for players to perform swimming activities forward to rise before the opponent and steal the ball.
  • Balancing vertically: A method to keep the body always higher than the opponent.
Môn bóng nước nước được đưa vào thi đấu chính tại Olympic năm 1900

While performing activities such as leading, passing the ball, competing against the player, the player should align his body in the direction of the ball’s movement. To maintain the balance of the body, the role of the legs is very important. Each side of the leg needs to perform a rotating action like a whisk.

Note that the two legs must rotate in opposite directions, that is, if one side of the foot rotates counterclockwise, the other foot must rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. When the legs have such a flexible combination, the player’s body will be rotated well.

Also, remember that you can only use one hand to play the ball, so the other hand works well with your feet to keep the body floating on the water.

Giữ thăng bằng trong cách ném bóng nước

Keep the ball

After the balancing step, keeping the ball in order to keep the ball well requires players to distribute the finger evenly on the surface of the ball. You can keep the ball above the water or under the water. Keep the ball above the water when you decide to shoot the ball, keep the ball under the water when choosing the ball.

Move the ball

Players are allowed to pass the ball to each other but are not allowed to push the ball under the water. If deliberately doing so will probably be punished and of course, the opponent will enjoy an advantage.