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How to play water polo and this sport requirements (Part 3)

Pass the ball

In the way of pitching, there are two main types of passing: dry and wet. Dry pass is when the player passes the ball without leaving the ball in contact with the water. The dry pass provides high speed thanks to the backward movement makes it easier for teammates to receive the ball.

Besides, the wet pass is applied when landing on the water. This is like a tactic applied to opponents with holes in the attack side.


After all the above steps, the final goal is still to score points into the opponent’s goal. Players often apply high-bounce shots to the goal or apply a shot by throwing the ball in a curved path to the goal.

Requirements for venues and water polo players

Water polo, if only for fun and practice, does not have too many strict requirements. However, for official matches that require the professionalism of athletes, there must also be mandatory venue requirements.

Olympic size pool for Olympic water polo

The size of the standard Olympic pool for water polo is divided into two categories. Each type corresponds to a different form of competition. Specifically:

Type 1: The standard length of the competition pool is 25m (82.0 ft) for short courses.

Type 2: Standard length of competition pool is 50m (164.0 ft) for long course.

This is the Olympic standard pool size regulation for length. And the width is applied together with the minimum size from 21m to 25m. In addition, the remaining parameters of the Olympic-standard swimming pool will have a corresponding size. If the competition pool has a touchpad design, the distance between the boards will be 25 or 50 meters.

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This will comply with the pool standards as well as the recognition criteria of FIFA. If one of these parameters is wrong, the pool will not meet the Olympic standards as set out. Therefore, through these figures, it can be seen that an Olympic-sized swimming pool is often oversized. This unusual element is designed to create space for the installation of touch panels to be used in matches.

Importance of a standard size swimming pool in water polo

Using an unsatisfactory size pool for athletes to practice is not good. Because, if the pool is small, the athletes will have a process of training and getting used to it. But when entering the pool, the pool will be wider and different than the pool when practicing. This will make it difficult for athletes to adapt. At the same time, the pass and coordination phase may also be disturbed by the distance of the tank. This is the reason why you must adhere to the size of the Olympic standard pool for water polo.

Requirements for players

When entering the official water polo game, the player or player must be in the best health condition, not suffering from serious injuries, not suffering from infectious diseases, not using stimulants to ensure the fairness. equal to both sides.

For professional players need to have the height, weight, good swimming skills, flexible handling of unexpected events on the pitch. To become a professional football player, each individual needs to undergo a long training process under the guidance of fitness experts and coaches. In particular, the diet with water polo players plays an important role affecting fitness. Completing the scientific diet will help the players gain endurance for each match.