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Things to know about kayaking (Part 3)

Is kayaking difficult?

This water sports can be suitable for many different age groups, depending on the difficulty of the water flow. In general, kayaking can be considered a “moderately difficult” level because you need to use the strength of your arms and shoulders to use the paddle and push the boat forward.

Kayaking is less difficult in flat or upstream areas. And it can also be significantly more difficult to paddle on rapids and strong reverse currents. Setting the right paddle rhythm can prevent muscle fatigue during paddling, as well as rest as often as possible to enjoy the scenery.

If you are planning a canoeing and sightseeing in calm waters, you can slowly drift along the river, breathe the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature beckoning. If you are planning on paddling on rapids at a high speed, you may find it a little more difficult.

In short, this is a difficult sport if you have never known what kayaking is. For most water sports lovers, however, kayaking is an entertaining, relaxing and fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

What items and equipment do you need when doing Kayaking?

Kayaking is a sporty activity with quite simple equipment. There are only a few essential items are the must, although other assistive devices may become necessary as the intensity increases. The basic equipment for a kayaking adventure are:

  • Biplane paddles: the choice of a paddle with anti-wind features that pushes your boat forward with ease and is an important tool for a kayaking excursion.
  • Helmets: head protection is essential and important in outdoor activities.
  • Life jackets: when playing water sports you run the risk of falling into the water and wearing a life jacket is a sensible way to keep you afloat. See also how to choose a Kayak boat to learn more about the types of life jackets to use.
  • Waterproof tops and pants: small waves and active paddling can get your clothes wet. The right outfit will keep you dry and comfortable during your kayaking adventure.
  • Goggles: if you’re going to paddle on challenging roads, the use of goggles may be necessary to keep your view of sight.
  • Durable shoes: owning a quality shoe is a must. Even when getting in and out of a kayak, you want a reliable shoe that ensures stability and comfort.
  • Waterproof bag: will keep any valuables dry while you paddle on the water.
Favorite water sports

15 Great Benefits Of Swimming With Health (Part 4)

12. Help improve sleep

If you want to sleep more, try swimming more often. Some researchers and fitness enthusiasts have agreed that exercise, such as swimming, has the potential to help solve this problem, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 50 to 70 million Americans have sleep problems and, in addition to the short-term side effects that anyone does not get a good night’s sleep – such as difficulty concentrating or remembering things, staggering, baggy eyes – Not getting enough sleep can have long-term health consequences. Lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, depression and hypertension.

13. Improve mood

Exercise releases endorphins, which help improve mood. Swimming can also boost confidence and social skills, which can affect a person’s self-esteem.

A 2014 pilot study involving people with dementia found that people who swam often for 12 weeks showed improved mood.

14. Control stress

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also turn the mind away from troublesome thoughts.

Although more research is needed, even 20 minutes of physical activity per week can help you feel more relaxed.

15. Easy to access and affordable

If in the countryside, you can swim for free at the pond, lake or the sea. But remember, always take safety precautions, such as making sure someone is supervised, when swimming in places like this.

If in the city or town, the payment to swim in the pool is not high. Some pools are free at certain times or learn to swim for free.


Swimming burns calories and can help you lose weight, as well as tone your muscles, improve general health and fitness.

By using many different muscle groups and the cardiovascular system, swimming can provide a great exercise for many people.

Favorite water sports

Some summer water sports you should play! (Part 2)

Underwater volleyball game

Equipment to prepare for this game : A net to stretch between the pool and volleyball

How to play :

  • We also divide the members into 2 teams playing with the same number of people.
  • Divided into 5 rounds, the team that wins 3/5 rounds will be the winner.

Inflatable boat racing

The team building game of pontoon boat racing requires the solidarity and combination of teammates which are quite enjoyed by many people.

We need to prepare : The buoys are round or long depending on the specific conditions

How to play as follows :

  • Teams will arrange men and women to sit alternately on a round buoy.
  • The back seat will keep his legs up to the armpits of the person in front.
  • Upon hearing the start command, team members will swim with their hands towards the finish line.
  • When finished turn around and swim back (the first swimmer will become the last swim).
  • The team with all the fastest finishers will be the winner.

Top of Form

Get the ball over the bridge

Preparation : A pontoon bridge to cross the pool and plastic baskets.

How to play this game as follows :

  • Each member of each team in turn will run over this pontoon bridge.
  • Go to the basketball ball, then grab your hand and run to the finish line.
  • The first person runs on and continues until the second person comes out.
  • During the game it is decided which team gets the more balls than the team that will win.

The above are suggestions of the  most suitable underwater team building games in hot summer weather. Just cooling the body, refreshing the spirit for the participants, bringing people closer together.

Favorite water sports

Some summer water sports you should play! (Part 1)

Hot summer weather burns the skin, the burning of outdoor activities makes many people bored. However, it has now developed many types of water play, especially the underwater team building games . These games are the first choice in business activities of businesses or families, teams in the hot summer.

There are many underwater Team Building entertainment games that are popular and well received by everyone. Prominent among them are games like:

Flood season relief

Organizing team building with relief game this flood season is extremely exciting.

Tools needed : A rope buoy and square or rectangular foam boxes are allowed.

Number of participants: 10 people: 5 men and 5 women.

How to play as follows :

  • Two members of each team will stand at both ends to hold a 30m rope float.
  • One person will be responsible for delivering goods.
  • The remaining 7 people will take turns standing on the buoy to let their teammates pull back to fetch goods.
  • Within a specified period of time, if the team takes the most number of rows, that team wins.

Members of any team that drops the item into the water will have to start over. Any member who falls into the water must return to pull the next person onto the buoy.

Water transfer

This is an extremely attractive underwater team building game that you cannot ignore if there are collective water activities.

This water transfer game can be played at the pool and at the sea. Surely this game will stir the atmosphere extremely bustling.

Equipment to prepare : Bucket of water and plastic cup

How to play :

  • Each team will have a leader to control the team.
  • When ordered by the commander, one member of each team will scoop water into the plastic cup with his mouth without using his hands.
  • Then continue pouring water from your cup into the second person’s plastic cup.
  • Continue pouring such water into the cups of the next person.
  • To the last of the team will pour their water into a bucket of water to be kept on the shore.
  • The team that has more water in the bucket with faster time will be the winner.
Favorite water sports

The most popular forms of swimming sport

Swimming sports are included in tournaments at the Olympic Games and the World Swimming Championships, which consists of 4 parts including sport swimming, water polo, diving and artistic swimming.

The four sections of the test are completely independent test subjects. Besides, the form of swimming is also extremely diverse, including sports, mass swimming, practical swimming and special swimming.

Swim development along with swimming sports is also extremely rich. Swimming competitions have combined all four types of swimming, including individual mixed swimming and mixed relay swimming, officially becoming competitive sports.

Practical swimming

Practical swimming has only a relative difference from sports swimming. Therefore, practical swimming includes swimming lessons of the type of sport swimming. Practical swimming includes swimming standing, frog swimming, backstroke, armed, swimming across the sea, drowning techniques, …

Practical swimming is a form of swimming for activities, production labor and military.

Mass swimming

Mass swimming aims to increase fitness, health, enrich the spiritual life such as relaxing swimming, water games, weight loss swimming, … Mass swimming develops around the world and becomes into an element of sport.

Swimming in public does not require high technology, fast speed, so it is increasingly popular. This type of swimming is rapidly developing and has become an important part of modern swimming.

Special swimming

Special swimming is a special type of swimming for the military or some competitions that require swimming skills to endure, setting a record of time and length.

In addition, special swimming is for speed diving that allows both men and women with professional swimming equipment such as scuba diving, propellers, glasses, etc.

Swimming is a completely underwater activity with the movement of the whole body. Therefore, the body becomes extremely sensitive under water and prone to eye, ear, nose and throat diseases. According to my swimming experience, to protect the body safely when swimming, you need to be equipped with the necessary basic swimming equipment such as swimming caps, goggles or swimming floats, … especially important for children.

Favorite water sports Winter Sports News

How to play water polo and this sport requirement

Water sports with the benefit of endurance and help players develop a more comprehensive body is the choice of practice for many people. 

In particular, water polo with simple gameplay and rules is gradually becoming the most popular water sport today.

Introduction of water polo

Water polo or water polo originated in England and Scotland around the end of the nineteenth century. Initially, water polo was just a simple gesture showing the strength of swimming, but later it was improved and built a stricter game rule. By 1900, the sport had become an official sport at the Olympic Games and still applies until the games today.

Môn bóng nước nước được đưa vào thi đấu chính tại Olympic năm 1900

Rules of water polo

  • Conventional number of people and how to play:

To organize a water polo, two teams are needed and each team needs 7 members. Players can only use one tree to hold the ball and only the goalkeeper can use two hands. The team that scores by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal, the team that scores more points will win.

In addition, during the match, each player is not allowed to stay on the opponent’s field for more than 20 seconds. Each water polo game is divided into 4 rounds with each playing duration of 7 minutes. Usually, every match including playing time and rest time usually lasts about 1 hour.

Giữ thăng bằng trong cách ném bóng nước
  • Cases of error:

Within a match of water polo, if the player commits an error such as playing with two hands, holding the ball for more than half a minute, committing an act of disrespect, the referee will blow a penalty. In addition, behaviors that affect the opponent such as water splashing on the opponent, beating or kicking your team to not score, push or pull the opponent will also be counted as a foul.

After each foul, the opponent is awarded a free throw. Players are sent off for fouls 5 times during a match.

Places for water sports

Top Africa countries to practice water sports (Part 3)


The main thing is that Mozambique features white sand beaches. In addition, its waters are very clear and to some extent, we can consider them as fresh beaches. More than 2 million tourists visit the country, which borders the Indian Ocean.

Its view of the ocean allows a number of water sports to be developed such as open water swimming, boating, surfing, boating, snorkeling, and water skiing. Because its waters are very quiet, it is an ideal place for these activities.


It is one of the smallest countries that exist in Africa. Its main attraction is the coastal style of all residents. In addition, it has been listed as one of the best destinations for practicing water sports in Africa. It is an ideal destiny for a fairly quiet holiday. It’s called the smiling coast, because one of the most important characteristics of Gambians is the smile.


The people who have had the opportunity to visit Namibia are the ones who talk about the waves of the Namibia coast being the best in Africa. People will have their own perception of what’s best. In particular, it is a country located in southwestern africa.

In this country it is located at the Bone Bay, a protected area that was discovered in 2009 and today has become one of the reference points, primarily for surfers. Which comes from all over the world.


Ghana is not exactly a country that was characterized as a tourism nation. Today, it is a country that has attracted many tourists from all over the world. Although people from European countries are more concentrated, due to the proximity.

Areas of Kokrobite and Black Mamba They are the most visited tourists. Generally the beaches are virgin and ideal not only for surfing, but also for many other outdoor activities like snorkeling, water skiing, diving, boating, among others.


Although, it’s not too hard to believe. Morocco also has the coast given by the Mediterranean Sea, the areas to be visited are Agadir and Taghazout. In them they are great for their clean and clear water. They come from the most economical areas for tourists from neighboring countries.

The practice of flying kites This is one of the most popular in this African region. However, you can also do other things like water skiing, fins swimming, open water swimming, water skiing, boating, rowing, volleyball, among others.

Places for water sports

Top Africa countries to practice water sports (Part 2)

Africa little by little it began to develop in it tourist destinations. We have witnessed that thousands of people have ventured to explore all the natural treasures that exist on this continent. Outside of what is seen in the media, it is necessary to explore to know reality.


One of the countries not listed on the tourist map. However, this country is one of the most interesting things about the beach. Because its waters invite most desirable activities to be carried out.

Seychelles It is listed as a fishing paradise. It is also an ideal country for water sports. Unforgettable adventures will be those that can be practiced, surfing and windsurfing. This is because they have the ideal temperature to perform all underwater activities.

It can be boating, diving, sailing or boating. Among the most prominent sites are Anse Source Farmrgent, Curieuse and La Digue District. The country is located in the Indian Ocean and the easiest way to get there is through Madagascar.


One of the most important countries in Africa, today, is South Africa. A country has developed in tourism, this is due to the development of infrastructure needed for this. A huge cultural diversity is what can be found in this country. It was one of the patriotic athletes.

Sus clear water and fishing villages They come from the treasures that South Africa provides. Conquer all athletes. The experience that will be able to live in this country will be very surprising, for example, diving of sharks in the Indian ocean, of course with cages, is one of the main ones. He can practice surfing at Jeffrey’s Bay and any other beach. Scuba diving, windsurfing & kite surfing and boating among the major water sports.


We can recognize its majestic desert. Although, that is not all that this country has to offer, because this is also an ideal destination for those who love water sports. Because this country has a great offer.

Sus Mediterranean Coast is ideal for sunbathing, bathing or walking. But they are also ideal for diving, spearfishing, boating, photosub, kayaking, among others. If you want to know what is the ideal site, it is northeast of Tunisia. Some sites you can visit are Hergla or Tabarka Reef. Ideal locations for water sports in Tunisia are: Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Mahdia, Dierba or Monastir.

Places for water sports

Top Africa countries to practice water sports (Part 1)

It is a fact that there are more than a dozen sports with different characteristics. However, the water sport they have especially they practice in or on water. The list is not short and I can even say that there are more variations and more students each year.

Water sports have been very popular around the world. The beaches of Australia, Hawaii, the coasts of the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Mexico are the busiest places for this type of activity. Although, water sports players look for the less affluent beaches today.

The water sports in Africa countries

Although all water sports are included, they can be classified in the way they are made. Because obviously swimming is not like sailing. In this case it is necessary to know the classification of water sports.


This refers to the fact that the body is largely and partly submerged in water and for an indefinite period. In this case, specific mention can be made of swimming, which is the most classic one.

Cross water

As the name implies, in this case, the body is not in the water and other equipment is used to perform this sport. The most common examples are surfing, sailing and boating.


The difference from underwater ones, is that in this type of sport, the body is completely submerged in water and uses special equipment that allows breathing. Time may vary.

Can you train your sports underwatch in Africa?

Most athletes and interested in starting to practice water sports have the idea that these can only be done in the most famous beaches, the most beautiful people or the virgins. This is an idea that is out of reality.

Africa has more than a dozen countries with beaches and is suitable for swimming, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, among others. Probably, many beaches I have to mention have never been on your radar. Time to put them there.

Favorite water sports

7 favorite water sports that you should try at least once (Part 1)

Playing water sports is one of the most favorite recreational activities when spending time on vacation on yachts. If you like to dive, make sure you will not be able to deny diving with snorkel in the ocean, watching the coral reefs and colorful fish swimming around you.

If you are a lover of dramatic sports, water skiing or Jet Ski is the game you want to try. Let’s take a look at a list of sports that you should enjoy at least once in life.

1. Scuba diving

If you are a lover of the beauty of the ocean, and watching the underwater life most vividly, snorkeling is definitely the right sport for you. Imagine yourself as an ocean resident on a sunny morning, you jump into the warm waters of a yacht in trendy diving suits and swim with fish, admiring strange creatures that are hard to come by visible in artificial aquariums.

Back to the boat, the butler will be ready to give you a glass of sweet orange juice as soon as you step up the stairs. In addition, when choosing to watch marine animals and plants right in the ocean, you have contributed to the protection of marine flora and fauna. By reducing one person to the aquarium, there is a one percent increase in the chance for these creatures not to be entertained.

2. Jet Ski

Jet ski is an interesting sport for those who love yachts in particular and water sports in general. In particular, jet ski only fun when playing from two or more.

To save space for a flybridge-type individual yacht, you can bring a stand-up jet ki (jetski) to the pool deck 1 stern and 1 boat’s upper deck. For speed enthusiasts, driving Jet Ski is considered an exciting activity that needs to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Sitting on a boat and surfing on the verandah in a place where only your companion, with clouds of water while the wind is playing with your hair is more interesting, safe and legal than racing on land. many times.